If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

I really enjoyed my experience at your office. From the receptionists to the assistants to Dr. Hong, everyone was very pleasant, helpful and very nice. I am really happy with my results and would recommend your services. Thank you very much for everything. – Aida

Dr. Hong, Dr. Chung, and their incredible team provided me with excellent care and ensured that my orthodontic treatment went smoothly and comfortably. Their expertise and friendliness made the whole process an enjoyable experience. I always looked forward to my appointments and I am extremely pleased with the results. – Ainsley

I would like to thank my orthodontist Dr. Hong and his staff for a great smile. I had a fantastic experience and the staff was very helpful and pleasant whenever I had my checkup. I highly recommend anyone who wants a terrific smile to go to Dr. Hong’s office. In no time, you will be smiling at every chance you get. – Aleena

The experience at Dr. Hong’s office is amazing. The staff and Dr. Hong are very caring, patient and kind. They really know what they’re doing. Every time you need an extra toothbrush or an extra pack of rubber elastics, they would give it to you right away without hesitation. The receptionists are also very kind and patient, trying to schedule your appointment at the best and most convenient time for you. Over all, everyone at Dr. Hong’s office is nice to be around. Thank you so much for my smile. – Alicia

I really enjoyed and am extremely satisfied with my experience at Oakridge Orthodontist with Dr. Hong. I always look forward to my appointment because the customer service and atmosphere here is amazing. The secretary, the staff and of course Dr. Hong are extremely friendly, welcome, and experienced, not to mention being surrounded by the clean and comfortable environment. When it comes to big or small adjustments, I am never scared because Dr. Hong’s work is not only pain-free but also results in beautiful teeth as well. – Alison

I have enjoyed Invisalign® so much. Dr. Chung was very friendly, helpful, and worked hard to make sure my smile was one I would be happy to let people see. Thank you for giving me the confidence to laugh without covering my mouth and taking great care of me. God Bless! – Alison

I used to have really messy and crooked teeth that did not look like they could be corrected. My situation was a little different from the average case and I had to undergo surgery. The experience with Dr. Chung was unexpectedly painless and I received a lot of information and reassurance. The procedure went smoothly and the braces did a wonderful job. The staff was incredibly experienced, nice, and patient. They made me laugh every time I went in for a checkup. Thank you for making my smile beautiful! – Amber

This is just a little something to say thank you for straightening out my smile! It was a blast of adolescence in my adulthood! Although it was difficult at times, the end product was well worth it. Great job team!!! – Amy

Thank you to Dr. Chung who helped me through it all to create an impeccable smile. I can’t stop smiling! – Andrelyn

From the start to the end, I was confident that I was in good hands. All my questions and concerns were addressed with patience and thoroughness. My visits were pleasant every time. I don’t have a single negative thing to say. I’d recommend to anyone looking for orthodontic work – in fact, I have! Life changing! – Anna

I couldn’t be happier with my results from Oakridge Orthodontics! My teeth were very crooked so I was afraid that I was going to wear braces for many years. However, I was extremely luck that Dr. Chung, along with the rest of his phenomenal team, managed to perfect my smile in just a little over a year. They worked efficiently and professionally. It was a pleasure going to my appointments, as everyone was so friendly and helpful. Now everyone comments on how beautiful my smile is, and it’s all thanks to Oakridge Orthodontics! – Annabelle

At first, I was terrified of having braces, but Dr. Hong had explained everything so well that my fear soon turned into excitement. The staff at very appointment was absolutely lovely, and I enjoyed every visit to the office. They were all very informative and I always had a sense of reassurance. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or a more beautiful result. – Bianca

Dr. Chung and staff, thank you very much for the care and great work you did on my teeth. The staff is very friendly. The effort of everyone’s work is in my smile and straight teeth. – Brendan

When I came to see Dr. Hong, I already had my braces for one-and-a-half years. I started in Taiwan but I moved to Canada so I need to continue my treatment here in Vancouver. Dr. Hong was able to examine me and figured out the right way to continue on the treatment. Today I am so excited that it is finally completed. Now I can have my big smile and healthy teeth. Thank you Dr. Hong for the beautiful job. – Chian-Lin

I can’t say enough about Dr. Hong and his team. My experience was so positive from start to finish. The care taken to ensure my treatment and progress was the best during the time my braces were on and afterwards was outstanding. I love the results and my personality can shine now, starting with my smile, which finally is one I am proud of. Thank you! – Christine

All my life, I grew up with crooked teeth and I thought I was ok with it until my consultation with Dr. Chung. I was afraid of the pain I would go through but after he told me of my options, I decided to get the braces. With every passing visit, there a great smile awaited. Thank you so much for your insight and assurance because without them, I would still have crooked teeth today! – Cuong

In the beginning, I was a bit nervous about getting braces, however all of the staff were very friendly and I was soon comfortable with going to each of my appointments. Having braces was an interesting experience and is sure to be one that I will never forget. Thanks to Dr. Chung and the skilled staff, my teeth and smile look amazing!! – Curtis

The Proof Is In My Smile! Not too many people can say they look forward to going to see their orthodontist, but I truly did. Dr. Chung and his staff were more than professional; they were warm and friendly. My experience at Oakridge Orthodontics was more than I expected. I benefited with a fabulous smile! Thank you Dr. Chung! – Danyelle

The entire process was excellent. Dr. Hong was very patient and gentle throughout the whole thing. The results are great! – Edison

From the professional Dr. Hong and accommodating assistants they treat the appointment with the upper most service that always exceeds my expectations. They are the reason why I can smile without thinking twice and I cannot stress enough how lucky I am to share my experience with you guys. Thank you! – Eduard

I’m incredibly happy with the work Dr. Chung and the staff has done for me. I used to be embarrassed of my smile, but now it’s my best asset! I actually looked forward to my appointments because of how kind the staff was, and I knew every appointment would get me closer to a great smile. I’m so thankful for the amazing results and I highly recommend others to come to Oakridge Orthodontics! – Elizabeth

I love being a patient of Dr. Chung’s! A perfectionist with a big heart and a passion for his work. His team is wonderful people that made me laugh and look forward to my next visit. Now my teeth are perfectly straight and I couldn’t be prouder. – Emily

I recently had my braces removed and could not be happier with the results. Wherever I go, I always get compliments on my teeth and how great they look. Terrified of getting the braces to begin with, and from start to finish Dr. Hong and his staff were incredible. They explained the process to make me feel comfortable. I am forever thankful to them with their appointment reminders, explanation of who to process my claims and the friendly faces I was always greeted with. The assistants were one of my favourite part of attending my appointments. They always were very gentle and always prepared me for what was about to come. I really am grateful that they have created a smile that I am beyond pleased with. Thank you Dr. Hong and the lovely ladies for a great experience, you are all the best! – Felicia

Wanted to say a big Thank You to all of you for making something that could have been potentially negative and difficult in fact quite easy, and dare I say it – even pleasurable at times! My orthodontic “journey” has been a long and complicated one, but has made amazing, positive, and wondrous differences in my daily life. Your office offers the highest level of professionalism and care I’ve seen, and I have highly recommended you to many friends and acquaintances. – Genni

My experience with Dr. Chung and his team was wonderful. Everyone was incredibly friendly and caring, creating a comfortable environment to be in. With his expertise and professionalism, Dr. Chung was able to give me quick results and a smile I can finally flash without feeling self-conscious. I cannot ask for a better orthodontic experience! – Grace

I had been debating for years whether or not I should get braces. After contemplating and seeing how sensitive my teeth were becoming I decided I could not avoid it. The treatment was for two years, but it did go by very quickly. Now I only wish I had done it sooner! Through every step of my journey with braces, including my jaw surgery, Dr. Chung and his staff were very supportive and attentive. My braces came off in June 2012, just in time for me to meet my soul mate in August 2012. We got married in June 2013! Happily ever after braces! – Gurjit

I had a great experience with Dr. Hong and the amazing assistants. My teeth were a little spaced apart at the beginning, but the end result is really wonderful. I enjoyed all of my visits and everyone is super friendly. I am really happy and look forward to smiling a lot in the future. – Hanan

Thanks to Dr. Chung and the wonderful team at the office here for giving me the smile that I have today! I would highly recommend them if you are considering orthodontics. Thank you again! – Henry

The last 12 months had seen a transformation of my smile. Finally, all the teeth can be seen to their fullest. Thank you to the team behind Dr. Hong who were always so polite and efficient. I could always rely on my appointments being on time and swiftly finished. Dr. Hong was pleasant, thoughtful, and gentle. I highly recommend this office for orthodontic work. – Irene

I used to have terrible teeth and a phobia of dentists. Dr. Chung and his staff made the treatment experience very pleasant, right from the start. I knew my case was difficult and they were able to create a great result without the need for extractions or surgery. I am so thankful to them for giving me a wonderful smile. Now I can grin as much as I want. A big thanks to everyone in the office! You guys are a wonderful team! – Jason

I am very thankful of Dr. Hong and Dr. Chung, along with the whole staff who provided their best effort in trying to make my smile perfect. The nightmare of getting braces turned out to be an exciting and memorable journey that I will always remember! – Jaspreet

To Dr. Chung and his lovely ladies, over the past two years I’ve visited Oakridge Orthodontics it truly has been an enjoyable ride. Each time I’ve come into to fix my face, I leave with a smile. Dr. Chung is very professional but a great down to earth cat. He explains everything thoroughly and in a language one can understand. To the front desk crew, whether I come a day early, a little late or right on time, you always greeted me with a smile and did everything you could to take care of me. To the assistants, you guys seem to me like you enjoyed every minute of work and that made each visit stress free and fun, no matter what the procedure was. Thank you so much for your dedication in improving the lives of others. You cats are alright in my books!! Cheers. – Jeff

Dr. Hong and the team did an excellent job with my teeth! I am very confident with my smile now! Thank you so much. – Joshua

Everyone is so nice and friendly, I always leave with a SMILE :) – Julia

The orthodontic result I get (from Dr. Hong) was amazing. The service was fantastic and I always felt like I would receive an amazing result. – Julian

Thanks to the excellent Dr. Chung and the very friendly staff, my new smile outshines my previous “Mona Lisa” smile. I have rediscovered the joy of biting into a crisp apple and I just can’t stop raving about my wonderful experience at Oakridge Orthodontics! – Katia

Once I got my braces (in Dr. Hong’s office) I started to look forward to my appointments because they are always calming and pleasurable. – Kelsey

Dr. Hong was very attentive, patient, with an eye for detail. He will work individually with the patient until all the needs are met. I genuinely recommend him and personally couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist. – Kevin

Having braces was an interesting experience. I liked how easy and painless the experience was. Seeing how your teeth were at the beginning compared to after is a huge difference. – Kimberly

I was reluctant to get braces in my 40’s because I thought it would be inconvenient and embarrassing. I watched my two daughters go through braces with Vancouver Orthodontics. Dr. Chung and his team were helpful and reliable, creating beautiful results for both my daughters. After seeing what he had done for them, I had my own consultation with Dr. Chung and he thoughtfully addressed all my concerns. I am so glad that I decided to proceed. I am thrilled with the result! The day or two after an adjustment can be uncomfortable and I missed popcorn. Otherwise, the attention and care that I received made it so the treatment did not interfere with my work nor the other things I love to do. As far as being embarrassing... my clients and other people hardly noticed. – Laura

Thank you so much Dr. Chung and staff. I’m so pleased with the results! Everyone is welcoming and when I walk into this office, I know I’m in good hands! You are all very professional. – Linla

I never wanted braces, but thanks to Dr. Hong and Dr. Chung and their staff, I’m glad I got them. Everyone is very friendly and they made it a good experience. I love my new smile! – Lucy

Worth the great teeth! Great atmosphere in the office and everyone is super friendly. – Madelin

I had my braces for two years and I’m so happy I waited to take them off. The staff is super friendly and easy to talk to. They do a great job. Since I have gotten my braces removed, I’ve gotten so many compliments on my teeth. I’m really happy about the way they turned out. – Mai Ann

The kind staff at Oakridge Orthodontics has made visiting the dentist a pleasant and far from scary experience. Their hard work and dedication has given me a million dollar smile. – Marian

I was really pleased with the friendliness and attentiveness of Dr. Hong and his team, not to mention the end results of my treatment! I’m definitely recommend Dr. Hong and his team to friends and family. – Matt

I had Dr. Hong and he did a good job fixing my teeth. Mine used to be really bad with overcrowding. But now they are straight and I’m really pleased with the results. It's a great experience here. – Megan

I am very satisfied with my results after removing the braces. Dr. Chung and all of the employees here are wonderful, enthusiastic, and conscientious. Thanks to the whole team! – Menchi

I had a great braces experience thanks to Dr. Chung and his staff. Everyone is so friendly and I’m so glad that they were the ones to help me fix my smile in such a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend Oakridge Orthodontics! – Mia

Thanks so much for your amazing work! Your warmth and kindness really made this a painless process. I finally have a nice smile to go with the dimples! Thanks! – Michael

I would like to thank Dr. Chung and all his staff sincerely for the great patience they exhibited throughout the course of my treatment. I was 30 when I decided to change my smile and it was worth it! It’s never too late to improve yourself. – Michael

I would like to thank Dr. Chung and his great team in Oakridge Orthodontics for the work they’ve done for me. I am very impressed with the result. It’s beyond words. The state of the art work and friendly environment encouraged me to have my braces for two years while I’m in my 40’s. Dr. Chung and his expert staff made me confident to smile to the world. I recommend Dr. Chung to everyone! Thank you. – Naghmeh

The moment your braces come off... “There’s so much room in your mouth.” That’s the first thought. Your teeth are finally free from “jail” after going through it all. And not to mention the smooth feeling!!! Thank you to Dr. Chung and all who contributed to giving me a million dollar smile! And my parents for paying for it!! – Nicki

I had a great orthodontic experience. Everyone was really nice. I love my new smile. – Nigel

They were very polite and nice. Overall they were gentle and I strongly recommend going to Dr. Hong. The people who helped my every visit were very nice. – Noah

I really enjoyed my experience here. Everyone is very friendly and you feel welcomed. Dr. Hong is a great orthodontist and I’m really happy with my smile. – Olha

I had a great experience here. Dr. Hong and his assistants were all very nice and easy to talk to. The atmosphere is excellent and there is great view from the dental chair. – Qinoya

Overall, my experience with Dr. Chung was awesome! Everyone made me feel really welcome and comfortable. All the staff was really kind and caring. I would recommend everyone coming here because I was really happy with everything and my end result is amazing! – Rajneet

I am so impressed with the quality of work I’ve received at your office. You and your staff are a model of efficiency, professionalism, and generosity. I truly appreciate all that you’ve done for my smile. – Robert

I got my braces off today and am so ecstatic that I thought I’d write a quick note to thank all of you for all of your hard work that’s made this experience much, much better than I’d ever imagined. And a special thanks to Sue and Kathy for all of their help booking my appointments! Thanks again! – Rosalind

Dr. Hong and his crew of exceptional assistants have made my experience as a patient fun and memorable. They took good care of my teeth to ensure great perfection in straightening my teeth. Dr. Hong provided good, instructive feedback after each checkup, which helped speed up the process. Everyone including the receptionists was extremely respectful towards me. I would like to thank everyone who put forth effort during my treatment. – Roy

During my treatment in Dr. Chung’s office, I was always greeted with a warm welcome and everyone was always so friendly! It was like joining a big family. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and they were never flustered or lost. On top of it all, they gave me a perfect smile! – Sage

When I came to Dr. Chung’s office, I was really nervous form a previous bad experience at another orthodontic office. Dr. Chung and his staff made me feel very comfortable. From the beginning, I felt assured they were going to help fix my smile. I am very thankful to Dr. Chung and his staff for the beautiful smile they gave me! – Saisha

I never used to smile before braces…but when I got them I just couldn’t stop smiling. My self-confidence boosted 100%, thanks to Dr. Hong and Dr. Chung and his wonderful staff. To me they are like family…they are the most honest, thoughtful, nice and caring wonderful people I’ve got to know for almost 3 years. They change people’s lives and self-esteem every day! Never in my life have I seen such great service. I have highly recommended them to everyone I know and will doing so. If anyone wants great service and beyond great results… Dr. Hong and Dr. Chung and his staff are the ones you should go to… hands down. I have received so many compliments from a lot of people during and after my braces. Thank you again and again for everything you guys have done. You’re awesome…may God bless you all. – Samar

From the moment I visited Dr. Hong’s office I was made to feel at ease with my decision to have Invisalign. The staff and treatment is top notch and the results are amazing. There is no waiting when I come for my appointment, which is very important for a busy person. I am very happy with choosing Dr. Hong as my orthodontist and will be recommending his service to my friends. – Shelley

Thanks so much for doing my braces. I know it was a big job and I really appreciate all your time and effort. You have been terrific and I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs orthodontic work. I love how my teeth look! To the staff, I’ve enjoyed all our great “group conversations” and laughter and coming here has been a lot of fun! And I truly love how my teeth look! I’ll miss my visits with all of you! – Shelly

My experience at Dr. Chung’s orthodontic clinic has been more than marvelous! I can’t express how much I love coming to this clinic and seeing such amazing and polite people. I’ve been coming here for a long time and I have never been close to disappointed with the staff. They do an amazing job and treat you with care. Everyone knows your name and makes you feel like you're a part of the family. Aside from that, the dental work is the best! All the staff is well trained and excellent at what they do. Overall, I wouldn’t have it any other way if I had to go through this journey again, because Dr. Chung and his staff have delivered incomparable results to me and has made me smile a lot more! Thank you! – Sonali

My treatment was good because it was fast and it didn’t hurt. My teeth feel and look really nice now! – Sophia

Dr. Hong and his team has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. They have been a joy in the office with all of their positive energy. I am so grateful to have such amazing teeth now; it was one of my biggest insecurities. Thank you Dr. Hong and the team at Oakridge Orthodontics. You guys rock!! – Steven

Dr. Hong is a gentle and caring orthodontist! His staffs are all wonderful! Great experience! – Steven

When I first started going to the orthodontist, my teeth were crooked and askew, but with a small push (on my teeth), some help from a great crew and Dr. Chung, my teeth got straight. It might sound cheesy, but now I’m more willing to smile and show off my now straight pearly whites! Thank you. – Sydney

I love going to the orthodontist. How many people can actually say that?! Dr. Hong and all his staff make having braces at 33 (years of age), the most pleasant experience it could possibly be. Everyone at the office is so knowledgeable and professional, but above all, they are all sweet people. I am always greeted warmly by the amazing women at the front desk and my mouth is always stretched and tugged with care by all of the incredible assistants in the back. The only bad thing about getting my braces off in a few months is that I won’t be able to chat with all these friendly people once a month! Now, that’s a shame… Thank you for all that you do! – Tasaka

The entire staff and Dr. Hong are all so welcoming and thoughtful! They are always so pleasant and ready to help. I’m very glad that I was able to be taken care of by Dr. Hong, Theresa, and Tina. They all did a terrific job! – Tia

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