Meet the Team

We have 23 staff to service the orthodontic needs of our patients and their families.

Certified Dental Assistants

There are ten Certified Dental Assistants who work in our office. Each CDA has completed the Orthodontic Module Program that is held at the University of British Columbia. They are trained and licensed to carry out a variety of orthodontic duties under the supervision of the orthodontist. Together our CDAs have many years of experience to assist the orthodontists in providing excellent orthodontic treatment for our patients.

Orthodontic Laboratory Technicians

We have four experienced laboratory technicians who provide quick and efficient lab services for our patients. All appliances and retainers designed by the orthodontists are made by the in-house lab. This allows for direct supervision of the lab procedures and less waiting time for our patients.

Correspondence Coordinator

Correspondence to referring dentists, welcome letters to new patients, and tracking of recall patients are just some of the important tasks handled by our correspondence coordinator.

Scheduling Coordinators

Greeting patients and their families, explaining insurance and financial matters, and trying to keep an efficient schedule for our staff and doctors keeps our four scheduling coordinators very busy.

Practice Coordinator

Having more than 20 years in our orthodontic practice allows our practice coordinator the ability to solve internal and external challenges and allows the doctors to do what they do best – providing our patients with outstanding orthodontic care.

Instrument Sterilization Assistant

By ensuring that we have clean, sterile instruments where and when we need them, this very important member of our team helps us to work more efficiently. We try to maintain the highest standards of infection control in our office with the latest in sterilization techniques.

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